I specialise in making guitars to special order and also undertake repairs, repolishing and restaurations.

I offer three main categories of instruments.

Classical line
Modern line
 Historical line

I employ a rich variety of specially selected and aged woods, my standard scale lentgh is 65 cms, but I usually have 64 cm instruments in stock, or to special order.

Building system is either in the
Spanish or the Italian style.

I build anything from historical copies of 19th Century instruments, through instruments based on Torres and Bouchet, right up to raised and angled fingerboards
as well as lattice bracing. My lattice-braced guitars have a warm and powerful sound.

Currently I have 6 instruments for sale,
at least one instrument in stock
for each of the above three categories.

If you are looking for a really special traditional or modern classical guitar
please contact me.

donatella salvato Luthier  |  salvatodonatella@gmail.com